[blindkid] Lydia Schuck's article

Astrid astrid at astridvanwoerkom.com
Wed Nov 29 19:28:51 UTC 2017

Does anyone know how I can contact Lydia Schuck? I read her article in the
summer 2017 Future Reflections and was totally inspired. For a little
background, like Lydia's daughter Anna, I was born prematurely and am
blind, autistic and have what my GP calls acquired brain injury-related
hemiparesis (from a brain bleed I suffered shortly after birth) but I'm
pretty sure it's mild CP. I moved into independent living (with my
husband) after a nearly ten-year institution stay last May, so am slowly
learning to be as independent as I can. I would love to talk to Lydia
and/or Anna, although of course anyone who has something to offer can
chime in here.

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