[BlindKid] BrailleNote Malfunction

Jennifer Cusack jencusack at verizon.net
Mon Jul 8 00:11:17 UTC 2019

My daughter, Kelly, is a BrailleNote user. I posed your problem to her and here is her response:  it is very common for the Apex to crash while transferring that much data. Also, the HumanWare support agent was incorrect; the Apex does require license files. He must have been thinking of the BrailleNote Touch, which is the next generation. My suggestion is to do a 4-5-6 reset. It’s a lot of steps. First switch the unit off, then wait about 30 seconds and switch it on again. Next, hold down the reset button along with the spacebar and dots 4,5, and 6. Release the reset button after you hear the beep, but keep the other four keys held down until after the percentage bar disappears and the display goes blank.
  Her hypothesis is that the unit lost track of its licensing files because the transfer took so much processing, in which case the 4-5-6 reset should do the trick. Basically , it forces the Apex to scan all its files. If that doesn’t work, you should contact the school (or whoever gave you the unit) to see if you can obtain a copy of the original licensing files. 
Hope this helps
Jennifer Cusack (mom to Kelly)

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> On Jul 7, 2019, at 5:07 PM, janice jordan via BlindKid <blindkid at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> My daughter was transferring audio files to our computer and after transferring 60 or so files she got a message:
>  "Could not find a valid license file for keysoft version 950 billed (or build?) one thousand two hundred eighty"
> Now she is unable to use the BrailleNote at all. We have tried a soft reset and holding the reset button down for an additional reset but the message will not disappear. I emailed Humanware and they offer no help ("we do not require a license to use the BN") and they want me to send the machine in for trouble shooting.  I thought I would try this forum before I let the monopolizing Humanware gouge and take advantage of another blind child/family. 
> Anyone know of a fix for the error message or know of a non-Humanware computer technician?
> Janice (mother of Ari) 
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