[BlindKid] Announcement: Students who plan to enroll in post secondary math courses

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Fri Jan 15 15:04:21 UTC 2021

Al Maneki and Dr. Martha Siegel (Towson State University) have been working with a team of mathematicians and computer scientists to develop open source software to automatically translate print textbooks (including diagrams) into hard copy Nemeth Braille.  We are seeking contacts from students who will be enrolling in post secondary math/ statistics courses in the next 1-3 years. 
 If you are:

·      A blind college student planning to take a math course,

·      A college level math instructor anticipating a blind student in one of your courses, or

·      A staff member of a disabled students services office assisting a blind student with a math course.

Please contact me at apmaneki at gmail.com.  While we might not currently be able to render all of the assistance you need, we would like to discuss your situation in order to understand future needs for our Nemeth translation software.

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