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Hi Harriet,

Thanks for inviting me to speak to the Keystone chapter and for posting my links. My apologies for being such a ditz when it comes to Zoom. Hope you all have a safe and happy summer. 😊




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Hey everyone,

What a great meeting we had yesterday!! Thank you all so much for your participation. 


I would like to thank Donna Hill for sharing her wonderful and inspirational stories with our chapter members yesterday. Thank you, Donna! We appreciate the hard work and advocacy you have done on behalf of blind people.


Below are the links to Donna Hill's website, and various links to where you can obtain a copy of her book "The Heart of Applebutter Hill." I encourage you to check out her pages and snag a copy of the book. This would be a great read to add to your summer reading list, or your pandemic reading list (smile). Also, after you have read the book, please post a quick review of it to share with others who might be interested in reading the book.


Stay well everyone!



Website for Donna W. Hill- Purchase links, recommendations, reviews  and more on homepage. Use the “Posts” link near top of page for my blog.:

http://DonnaWHill.com <http://donnawhill.com/> 


“Like” my Facebook Page for The Heart of Applebutter Hill:






E-book Versions




Smashwords (multiple -book versions including .rtf, .pdf, .mobi (Kindle) & .epub (Nook, Apple, Sony, Blio, Kobo, etc.):



Accessible versions for readers with print impairments




Learning Ally:




A Request from Donna

After you've read The Heart of Applebutter Hill, please rate it and leave a review on the site where you purchased the book. Thank you for your interest and support. 


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