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>Feel free to share this.  I will send it to blindad and to trainer-talk 
>and will announce it in Tidbits.  Feel free to put it on any other 
>lists where you think it belongs.
>Thanks to the generosity of Jackie McBride of Brighter Vision 
>Technologies, who  is letting me use a Talking Communities room at no 
>cost, I am organizing a day of free iPhone training and information,
Saturday, 5 May.
>Here is what I have in mind.  We'll see if it works, or if it is 
>needed.  I hope lots of trainers, and trainees, will drop by!
>The day is divided into three sessions, two of which are of identical
>Sessions A. and C. Hands-on Assistance for Beginners:
>Session A: 13:00-14:30  GMT (9:00-10:30  A.M. Eastern, 6:00-7:30  A.M.
>Session C: 19:30-21:00  GMT (3:30-5:00  P.M. Eastern, 12:30-2:00  P.M.
>Session B: Intermediate Assistance, General Questions of all sorts:
>16:00-18:30 GMT (12:00-2:30 P.M. Eastern, 9:00-11:30 A.M. Pacific.)
>More details:
>Sessions A and C: Many people have difficulty with basic iPhone use, 
>making and receiving calls, navigating the home screen, and the like.  
>The idea is to try to get those users the help they need.  Depending on 
>the number of attendees and the needs of each, we'll be able to help 
>some in the room, while it is my hope that some expert users will be 
>willing to be present and perhaps team up with frustrated users to 
>offer some individual assistance elsewhere.  If it turns out that this 
>sort of help isn't needed, we can answer any and all other questions as in
Session b.
>Session B: this longer session is designed for a wider variety of 
>discussion and assistance.  What is the best app to do so-and-so?  How 
>do you accomplish this (slightly more advanced) task?  How does iPhone 
>compare to this or that phone?  I certainly can't answer all, or even 
>most, of these questions, so I hope that many iPhone aficionados and 
>experts will be present to lend a hand.
>Structure: Ideally, people will be present at the beginning of the 
>session they wish to attend.  At that time, I will ask each person to 
>detail his or her expectations, questions and contributions.  From 
>this, I will create an agenda and we will strive to cover it.  We may 
>not quite succeed, but we'll try.  As others come in, I will try to get 
>your concern added to the agenda and your contribution noted.  This is all
an experiment.
>This endeavor will be useful, if it is needed, to the extent that 
>people make the contributions they can make and are respectful of the
>How to take part: Come in to the room a few minutes before the session 
>starts.  The room is at
>Your username is your first and last name, no handles.  No password is 
>If you haven't used Talking Communities before, you'll have to download 
>the free client, which the site will invite you to do.
>Consider jackie for your needs in web hosting, web development 
>training, JAWS scripting and tech support.  You can write to her at
>abletec at gmail.com
>If you want to communicate with me regarding this training/discussion, 
>feel free to write to dean at topdotenterprises.com
>See you all Saturday!

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