[Mdabs] Winter Reading Challenge Log Information

LaShawn Myles -LBPH- lashawn.myles at maryland.gov
Fri Jan 4 17:33:36 UTC 2019

Way to go, almost 6,900 minutes read in our first week

Keep the reading coming!

Logging Instructions for

Winter Reading Challenge!


Logging In:

To log in, you will need to first sign in using your username and password.
If you don’t have this, please let us know! When you log in, you’ll
immediately be taken to the Challenge landing screen.

To Log minutes:

At the top of the screen, you will find a link that says “Log Reading.”
Once this link is clicked, you will be taken to a new screen. This screen
will only give you one tracking option – minutes. Click the minute's link.

You will be taken to a Log Reading page –

·       Select the day (calendar format)

·       Time Spent Reading – fill in; include “m “(minutes) or “h” (hours)
after your numerical entry

·       Title – Fill-in

·       Author – fill in (optional)

·       Include Review – drop down menu.  If you click “yes”, this allows
you to leave a review of the book you read.  You will prompted to enter
your review once you click the “Log” link.  This is optional to complete.

Once all the information you wish to provide is completed, choose the “log”
link at the bottom of the form.

Important Information:

For each log you can record up to 600 minutes.  If you read more than that,
complete multiple logs in one day to account for all the minutes you read.

Winter Reading Landing Page:

The landing page will have several tabs in the main section. This will let
you review your progress, badges earned, prizes earned. Each “tab” acts as
a link, and you can tab through if you choose.

·       Overview:  Gives an overview of the Winter Reading Challenge

·       Program Badges:  List badges you can earn for registering and
completing program.

·       Logging Badges:  All the badges you can win during this challenge.
Badges earned are based on minutes read.

·       Earned Badges:  All the badges you have accumulated thus far in the

·       Rewards:  All rewards you have unlocked.

·       Program log:  Shows the details of every session you logged into


LaShawn Myles

Youth Services Librarian

Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Maryland State Library

415 Park Avenue

Baltimore, Maryland 21201-3603

410-230-2455 <(410)%20230-2454> (office)

410-333-2095 <(410)%20333-2095> (fax)

lashawn.myles at maryland.gov
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complete a three question customer experience survey.

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challenge, minutes, and hashtag)
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