[nfb-talk] National Federation of the Blind Comments onSaturdayNight Live Segment

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You know, it may be he isn't aware of some of his own facial expressions. I 
mean, if no one has said anything about it to him he may not be aware he is 
doing it.  I am sure that whenever I get my vision back (which may not be 
till the next life), I may be dismayed at how I appear in public as 
according to my close family, I sometimes have distracting body language. It 
is kind of a deja vous reading about his blindness in one eye and small 
vision in the other, as that is what I have had, and I would turn my head 
and squint and look like I was frowning and the whole bit.  I haven't done 
this for a few years as I lost my rreading vision and so don't squint any 
more, but I am sure what people saw of me during my life will be 
embarrassing whenever I am able to see for myself.
Maybe not, but just maybe.


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Good afternoon everyone,

More to the point the person who should really speak out against the
behavior of Saturday Night Live is Governor Patterson himself. Does anyone
know if he has issued a statement concerning last Saturday night's show?
He's the one whose voice really matters.

Peter Donahue

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