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Bill Cosby used self-deprecating humor about himself; he took issue with
humor based on negative Stereotypes about black Americans. His "Cosby
Show" was the first show I remember on television that always had lots
of humor without that Vaudevillian Victorian view of race, and Fat
Albert was funny without cruel fat jokes, even when some of the humor
was based on him not fitting though tight places because he was so
obese.  It's a fact that an overweight kid won't fit through the same
fence a skinny kid will. It is not a fact that Governor Paterson can't
shake hands, holds charts upside-down, or does any of the other
blind-stereotyped behaviors that SNL wrote into their skit.  Other
politicians they pick on are shown to be stupid in their skits.  Sara
Palin was shown to be stupid, but not because she is a woman; George
Bush ditto, but not because he is from Texas.  The NY Gov was shown to
be stupid because, and only because, he is blind.  I rest my case,
Friend Ryan O.

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This is an interesting article and brings up an interesting question. If
Paterson used self-deprecating humor regarding his blindness, does he
have license to take issue with Saturday Night Live for doing the same?



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