[nfb-talk] descriptive video flicks -- where did they go???

tribble lauraeaves at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 2 21:26:08 UTC 2009

Hi all --
I've been wasting lots of time calling around to find a good source (paid or 
free) for all the DVS movies that used to be sold through WGBH.
Apparently that department is no longer selling movies, but there was a 
pretty good database of programs and movies that could/should have been 
picked up by some other vendor.  Does anyone know what happened to this 
database? Is anyone selling the movies?
I have been in touch with Audiovision in Canada who produce descriptive 
audio for a lot of old tv serials and some movies, but this does not include 
the more recent DVS for recent, mainstream movies like I Robot, the Shrek 
movies, The Matrix series and a whole host of others.
I know there is the floating database of pirated movies in Australia that a 
lot of people tap into -- Since these are illegal (at least for the time 
being), a lot of people (myself included) hesitate to go there. But I have a 
philosophy that if I listen to an audio described flick and it turns out to 
be good, I'll go buy the movie, and if it's trash I'll delete the pirated 
movie.  That way I spend money only on what I want.
Anyway, Could someone please clue me in on all the legitimate sources of 
described movies/programming?
Thanks in advance.

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