[nfb-talk] Blindness and Sexuality

Alicia Richards alicia716 at msn.com
Sun Apr 5 20:53:16 UTC 2009

Hi, all.  Dave, I am curious how you learned it was an April Fools joke.  Do 
tell.  I had wondered that, but wasn't sure.

However, even if this particular email is a joke, it has the unfortunate 
ring of truth.  I've talked to various sighted people, and many actually do 
have the misconceptions that the email talks about. I've been asked 
questions like the ones described in the email, and actually had female 
friends tell me that they wish they could be with a blind man, because they 
think he'd make a better partner.

To the person who felt this topic shouldn't be discussed on this list, I 
disagree.  Yes, it's a sensitive subject, but it is part of human nature, 
and it's not like the blind are asexual. Smile


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