[nfb-talk] Duxbury Systems announces MegaDots 2.4

Anne Ronco anne at duxsys.com
Fri Apr 24 17:28:56 UTC 2009

Good morning,

We have just released a new version in our MegaDots product line. 
Below are some highlights of the improvements in MegaDots 2.4 over 
version 2.3. Contact us with your current MegaDots license or serial 
number for a price quote:

- MegaDots 2.4 supports the 2007 BANA Braille Codes Update 2007.
- MegaDots 2.4 has improved support for running on Microsoft Windows Vista
    and Windows 7.
- The MegaDots installer now gives you a chance to say that your machine
does not support using MegaDots in full screen, to make it easier for
users to run MegaDots in a window. MegaDots 2.4 also works in a window on a
number of non-standard platforms where the MS-DOS full screen is not
    available, such as remote desktop and emulated Windows.
- MegaDots 2.4 has been developed with Nimpro to import NIMAS files.
- MegaDots 2.4 contains Embossit 3.0, which offers more choices of embossing
    through Windows, and handles interpoint/single sided output.
- MegaDots 2.4 offers support for brailling on some previously unsupported
embossers, such as the Tiger embossers from View Plus and the Index 4x4 PRO.
- MegaDots 2.4 contains a revised MegaPrn to drive print or braille output
    through Windows. The revised program remembers your default choices for
    both inkprint and braille printing.
- MegaDots has improved support for producing brailler graphics on some
- MegaDots 2.4 has many improvements in its Nemeth Code translator.
- Dozens of other improvements.

Details are posted on the Duxbury Systems website

In an effort to cut down on unnecessary printing, Duxbury Systems is no
longer shipping
the Command Summary in inkprint and braille with the product. You can
produce your
own copies. See


Caryn Navy
caryn at duxsys.com

Duxbury Systems
Phone: (978) 692-3000
Fax: (978) 692-3912
Web: www.duxburysystems.com
General e-mail: info at duxsys.com
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