[nfb-talk] Integrated Voice Response System Needed

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Fri Dec 18 13:37:54 UTC 2009

I'm not a guide dog user, but I am curious if anyone else hates IVR's as 
much as I do...
If you are standing in a noisy environment, the IVR will pick up every stray 
sound, and keep repeating "I don't understand" -- or worse yet, go off and 
do something I don't want it to do.
Especially when I'm using a cell phone, which is more often than not in 
noisy surroundings, I prefer the button pressing approach.
Anyone else have a comment?

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Dear All,
     As many of you know, the National Association of Guide Dog Users
has received an Imagination Grant to create a nationwide  education &
advocacy hotline. For this purpose, we need to find an Integrated
Voice Response (IVR) system with the capacity to handle the
information this service will provide. we would like to find out if
there is a member of the National Federation of the Blind who sells
such software. More information about the technical requirements of
such software can be obtained by contacting

Marion Gwizdala, President
National Association of Guide Dog Users
National Federation of the Blind
<mailto:President at NFB-NAGDU.ORG>President at NFB-NAGDU.ORG

Sincerely yours,
Marion Gwizdala

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