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Ed, I don't know the answers to a lot of the questions that you ask, but I 
do know that one good thing about GW Micro is that you can pay over time, 
thirty-nine dollars a month and when you buy, they automatically give you 
the latest version.
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> My son, Stanley, built me a new computer with a Pentium-4 chip and Windows 
> XP to replace my old W98 machine. Next time he visits he will up the ram 
> to 2 Gig. It is working very well, but because XP is the advanced version 
> FS wants an extra $340 from me to not have to run jaws in demo mode. To 
> put it mildly, I am pissed off.
> Does Windoweyes charge extra for advanced windows? What is the initial 
> cost of WE? I have heard that they will give you a discount if you switch 
> from jfw and turn in your license. How much is this? What do you pay for 
> an SMA for one next version? Does GW require you to buy every version in 
> between should you mess up and fail to get an upgrade?
> I will write GW to get a current demo to try running alternately with my 
> paid for but demo version of jfw11.
> Thanks, Ed Meskys.
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