[nfb-talk] GW Micro Announces Support for Java Applications

Steve Pattison srp at internode.on.net
Thu Feb 12 03:44:02 UTC 2009

GW Micro Announces Support for Java ApplicationsFrom: aaron at gwmicro.com
To: gw-info at gwmicro.com

­GW Micro is excited to announce support for Java 
applications through the new WE4Java Window-Eyes 
script, developed by Jay Macarty.

The WE4Java Script Central web page describes 
WE4Java as a script that "provides access to Java 
based programs using an alternate technology from 
the Java Access Bridge. This interface 
communicates directly with the Window-Eyes COM 
object model via a public API."

WE4Java is designed to send information from Java 
applications to Window-Eyes via the Window-Eyes 
scripting COM interface. Because Window-Eyes is a 
COM server (meaning other applications can send 
information directly to Window-Eyes), the 
possibilities of making any application 
accessible are endless, regardless of the 
programming language an application is developed in.

"The Java language is, at times, regarded as 
being limited in the area of accessibility and 
not particularly screen reader friendly, " says 
WE4Java developer, Jay Macarty. "However, Java 
actually has one of the most powerful 
accessibility frameworks available built right 
into the GUI components. WE4Java simply takes 
advantage of the extreme power of the Window-Eyes 
scripting facility to expose the Java 
accessibility framework in a new and different 
way. We're not re-inventing java accessibility. 
We're simply making it visible as an external 
Window-Eyes script. In other words, the java 
access capability was always there. Window-Eyes 
scripting provided a way to unlock it in a new manner."

You can read more about WE4Java at 
­­http://www.gwmicro.com/scripts/WE4Java. If 
you're using Window-Eyes 7.0 or greater, you can 
download and install WE4Java for immediate access 
to your Java applications. Once WE4Java is 
installed, you can read the documentation by 
selecting WE4Java under the Programs section of the Start Menu.

Congratulations to all Window-Eyes script 
developers for all your hard work and 
contributions. We are excited about the future 
that Window-Eyes scripting has to offer.

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