[nfb-talk] just want to introduce myself to the list

jonathan matte jmatte28 at comcast.net
Thu Feb 19 19:04:57 UTC 2009

Hi there everyone.
I hope everybody's week is going well.
I don't normally subscribe to online list serves but because I really enjoy meeting new people and I'm always looking to meet other people that are blind who may be going through some simillar things that I am and I've always been of the philosophy that you can never have too many friends.
Before I do talk a bit about myself though I would just like to start this intro off by saying that I'm not really per say a member of the NFB or ACB.
I think that both organizations have unique perspectives and view points, however I don't really subscribe to either organization directly.
While I'll admit that in some ways I do lean slightly more towards the ACB because of it being slightly more liberal in some respects I need to make it clear that I'm not on this or any of the lists to be preached to  about how one philosophy is better then the other.
I try to take a little bit out of both of the organizations philosophies and attempt to be neutral so if you do decide to contact me off list I'll ask that you please respect my feelings as expressed above.
Now I'll get off of my soapbox and tell the list a bit about myself.
My name is Jonathan, but most of my friends call me Jon.
I'm 26 years of age and from Massachusetts a city called Brockton located about 45 or so minutes south of Boston.
I'm totally blind and have been since birth.
I like to think that I have a wide variety of interests though I am a fairly laid back sort of individual.
Some of my interests include reading, listening to all types of music, talking online, on the phone, going out to dinner, sometimes to the movies, and browsing around in bookstores and music shops.
My 2 big passions in life are great books and music though I'm known for being a bit ecclectic on both fronts so if you would like to know more specifically what sorts of books or music I'm in to feel free to email me off list about this and I'll be more then happy to elaborate on this a bit.
I'm currently single and do not have any kids though like many people I'm always on the look out for that special person when and if they happen to come along.
I think that for an introduction that this is probably a great start.
So if any of what I wrote appealed to you and if you feel like responding I invite folks to feel free to email me off list or to IM me on aim.
My email address is
jmatte28 at comcast.net
and my aim screen name is tvvault82
I'm sorry but I don't have skype or MSN but if you do decide to contact me via aim or email I'm very good about getting back to people.
I tried introducing myself to some of the student lists but didn't really get a very receptive welcome so thought I would try one of the more mainstream lists in the hopes that reaching a broader audience might get me some more responses.
Thanks for checking out my post and have a great day.

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