[nfb-talk] Proposal to Decrease Unemployment Among the Blind

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Dar, I think you're right about the work at home offers.  They're usually 
scams.  It seems, unless you have a career where they allow you to work at 
home, just finding a job working from your home is pretty difficult.

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Hi there
I don't want to go out into the community and work,
I would like to work from home.
One of the problems i see with this, so far as I read about different
jobs, is they want money up front.
When this happens, I feel that it is a scam.
Do others of you find the same thing?
I just would want part time, not full time until I would see the job
moving rite along.
then I could also take care of the home needs.
If anyone has tips please share.
There is no way that I could afford to support anyone at this time,
just trying to do it for myself is a challenge.

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every sinner has a future

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