[nfb-talk] A Society Of the Blind

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Dear Mike.
About the only situation I can think of that could cause blindness to 
everyone on the planet would be a cosmic ray burst from a Super Nova star 
explosion, but it would also kill everyone too, even those under ground and 
on the other side of the World.
Some kind of pathogen could also cause Blindness, but there would likely be 
pockets of people not effected by it somewhere in the World just because of 
The flash of nuclear explosions would blind people instantly, but again 
there would be people untouched in this manner and death by radioactive 
poisoning would claim everyone sooner or later.
The changes to the World's climate would doom everyone with a "nuclear 

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> Every since the movie Blindness came out I've been looking at various
> attempts to portray what would happen if there was sudden and mass 
> blindness
> in a society.  Most of what I've found is poorly written so I'd like to 
> take
> my own hand to the matter.
> What I'd like to know is whether any of you can conceive of a fairly
> realistic situation in which a society might indeed become blind.  I'd
> prefer that it be most or all of the population rather than some small
> minority which would be set upon by service providers.
> Is there some scientific or biological related phenomena that could cause
> this?  Are there any modern weapons that might, when they explode, burn 
> the
> retinas of all who were in the vacinity?
> Any help off list would be appreciated.  It just seems to me that somebody
> who actually knows something about the subject of blindness should write 
> one
> of these books/stories.
> Mike Bullis
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