[nfb-talk] thunderbird and filters and JAWS

Ray Foret jr rforetjr at comcast.net
Thu Jan 22 03:18:20 UTC 2009

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Anybody on this list using the Moailla Thunderbird Client?  IF so, I'm 
having trouble with some of my filters; particularly the filter which is 
supposed to control messages I get for this list.  I set it up so that 
when messages come in and the to field is the e-mail address of this 
list, the messages are supposed to go direclty in to the NFBTalk 
messages subfolder off my in box submenu.  However, it doesn't seem to 
be working.  Other group messages filters though seem to be fine.  Any 

Also, if I'm trying to create a message filter based on a group message, 
and the subject line gives no useful information which I can feed to the 
filter, I will, of course, need to use the to field and set it up with 
the send to address of the group; or at least, I think so.  What's the 
best way to cut and paste the e-mail address in to the proper place in 
the filter?  Thanks.

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