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Using the Accessible iPod
By Anna Dresner
In braille, PortaBook, ASCII text/Word, and DAISY formats, $15
(Also downloadable in PortaBook, ASCII text/Word, and DAISY formats)

Cute, well-designed, and able to hold hundreds or thousands of songs,
iPods have taken the  world by storm. And in the past few months, Apple
has added another feature to their popular  Nano and Shuffle models --
the ability to speak. Once you take a few simple steps, every  feature
on the iPod Shuffle and most features on the Nano are completely
accessible. iTunes  now works better for blind people than ever before,
especially the iTunes store. If you're  wondering how to take advantage
of this new accessibility, Using the Accessible iPod can help.  It tells
you how to do everything you need to get up and running with one of the
new iPods,  including:
* Getting started with iTunes
* Putting the music, playlists, audiobooks and podcasts you want on your
computer and into  your iPod
* Getting your iPod to speak
* Using all accessible features of your iPod
A troubleshooting section, a list of helpful resources, and information
on how your iPod  organizes music are also included; see the table of
contents for more information. Whether  you've never owned an iPod
before or you'd like to be able to do more with the one you have,  this
book will help. The included iPods are the fourth generation Nano and
the second and  third generation Shuffles.

In addition to braille and electronic text, we are proud to offer Using
The Accessible iPod in  DAISY format, both on CD and for download. (If
you choose to download the DAISY version, we  recommend that you use a
broadband connection, as the file is over 60 MB in length.) Put it in
your Victor Reader Stream or other DAISY player, or if you use JAWS,
Freedom Scientific has  generously arranged for it to work with the demo
version of FSReader, so you don't need any  new software to listen on
your computer or read with a braille display. You can quickly  navigate
by heading or page to find the section you want. In addition to
synthesized audio,  the full text is included to make searching or
moving through URLs quick and easy. So pick up  a copy in your favorite
format today.

Read the full table of contents - or order your copy! - at:

To order any books, send payment to:
NBP, 88 St. Stephen Street, Boston, MA 02115-4302
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