[nfb-talk] You Are Invited To Attend The Launch Party For A New Internet Radio Station

David, The Radio360 Station Manager djd at radio360.us
Mon Jun 8 11:41:59 UTC 2009

Hello All!
Let me first apologize to anyone who may receive this more than once due to it going to multiple lists. I can promise you this is the only time a massive email of this kind will be going out, and it is just being done to pass along information to those who might be interested, nothing more. With this in mind, feel ree to share the following with anyone you think would be interested in the following news:

Hello There!
If you're tired of listening to the same old songs on the radio, and the same old djs doing the same old announcements, contests, and commercials, then why not check out a new radio station that is hitting the internet air waves tonight!
This evening, starting at 8 PM eastern, Radio360, a new station where variety matters and the listeners matter the most is going to launch, and you're invited to the kick off party, presented by The Djd Invasion!
This station has been a project in the works for a long time, and it's finally ready to go live to the public!
We've got a nice blend of broadcasters who each have their own talents and variety to bring to the table, and more people are on their way. And when no one is on live, you the listener get total control over the music, as you get to pick what you want to hear from our ever growing library of songs! But I'll leave you to check that out over the course of the week and beyond.
The Djd Invasion Radio360 Kick Off Party begins at 8 PM eastern, and will feature some great celebratory music to get a radio station kicked off in style!
I will be joined by close friends and by others who will be taking part as broadcasters on the station. The radio station web site will also be brought online at the same time as the show, so you can see what we're about, read the schedule of shows, apply for a slot if interested in broadcasting, and more!!!
So come join the party, bring along your friends, and your requests! Yes, we unlike traditional radio stations actually play your requests!
You can send them in by email, msn messenger, or aol instant messenger to the address
live at radio360.us
by yahoo messenger at the address
or when I'm on the microphone and not playing songs, you are welcome to call in live to the station using your telephone or skype!
The telephone number is
or you can hit the station up on skype at
So if you want to attend Radio360's welcome to the cyberworld party, save this email, and at 8 PM eastern, head on over to
and follow the links there for tuning into the program! Please note that the site will not be online until that time.
I've been waiting to bring this station online for a long time, and now the night has come at last, so turn up your speakers, bring your family and friends, and let's get ready to rock and roll! I hope to see you all there tonight!
Best regards,
David Dunphy, station manager for Radio360

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