[nfb-talk] Free Conference calling.

H. Field missheather at comcast.net
Tue Jun 9 04:15:28 UTC 2009

There's one company called free conference call.
You can sign up on their website


One thing to remember when using these free services is the long 
distance charges. While the service is free to use, you are charged 
long distance fees by your respective long distance providers. So, if 
folks don't have free, or low rate long distance rates, it can cost a 
bit. This particular company is based in California.

Best regards,

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Dear All,

Does anyone know the contact info for any of the free conference call 
services that my chapter board can use for our board meetings and that 
let you record the call?
If you have this info, Please send it to me at drevans at bellsouth.net 

Thank you,

David Evans, NFBF
Palm Beach County Chapter Florida
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