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> American Association of People with Disabilities Newsletter
> In This Issue
> Call For CCA and CLASS Act Strong at NCIL Rally
> Campaign for Disability Employment Announces Online Video Contest
> Sotomayor Hearing Set for July 13
> Organize For Olmstead: 10 Years and Waiting
> Also New to the JFActivist Blog
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> Call For CCA and CLASS Act Strong at NCIL Rally
> From the JFA Moderator:
> Capitol Hill was abuzz on Monday as people with disabilities from all 50 
> states and 10
> territories converged in the heat of the day to demand inclusion in
> Health Care Reform. Estimates vary from 350 to nearly 1,000 on exactly
> how many people were present, but what is for sure is that energy was
> high throughout both the NCIL Rally and Congressional briefing. With
> Senator Harkin pledging not to support health reform legislation that
> fails to address the longterm needs Americans with Disabilities. He
> also reported out about a conversation he had with President Obama
> where the President recalled his Senatorial support of the Community 
> Choice Act
> (CCA).
> This is good news since, as Andy Imparato, AAPD CEO, reminded the cheering
> crowds, the President has recently reasserted his role in the
> developing Health Care Reform (for more see the New York Times Article 
> "Taking the
> Hill" by Matt Bai). Imparato called on those present to hold President 
> Obama
> accountable for his campaign promise to support CCA, one that
> distinguished him from his opponent, John McCain, and garnered him
> significant support. However, Imparato also applauded President Obama
> for nominating Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court stating that she
> has the potential to be the champion that the disabiltiy community needs. 
> The CLASS Act also got a lot of
> play throughout the day as legislators and disability rights activists
> alike trumpeted it as the long term solution to the long term services
> and supports crisis.
>>>>For More on Harkin's Speeches go to 
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> Campaign for Disability Employment Announces Online Video Contest
> Campaign for Disability Employment Announces
> Online Video Contest
> Attention aspiring filmmakers! The Campaign for Disability Employment, a
> newly-formed collaborative of leading disability organizations, is 
> sponsoring
> the What Can YOU Do?online video contest to promote the talent and skills 
> that
> people with disabilities bring to America's workforce and economy. The 
> contest is
> an opportunity for young - and young-at-heart - filmmakers to promote 
> positive change by illustrating that at
> work, it's what people CAN do that matters. The Campaign is looking for
> creative, fun, compelling video public service announcements, of all 
> genres,
> that will create positive images of people with disabilities at work and 
> help
> viewers re-think their assumptions about people with disabilities and
> employment.
> The contest is being held as part of the Campaign
> for Disability Employment's soon-to-be-launched national effort to promote
> positive employment outcomes for people with disabilities. Every day, 
> people
> with disabilities can and do add value to America's workplaces and
> economy. However, in good times and bad,
> people with disabilities have fewer job opportunities than the general
> population. The Campaign for Disability Employment aims to confront this 
> disparity.
> Contest entries must be 60 seconds or less and
> reflect one or more of the campaign's key themes.  The winner will receive 
> a prize
> worth $1,500. Several selected videos may also
> be showcased on the campaign's Web site.
> The deadline for entry is July 15, 2009. For
> more information, visit the www.jan.evu.edu/videocontest .
> For a promo video on featuring Paralympic Skiier Josh Sundquist go to 
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_5cBKfyRHk.
>>>> For More Information go to
> http://jfactivist.typepad.com/jfactivist/2009/06/show-what-you-can-do-and-win-1500-in-online-video-contest.html
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> Sotomayor Hearing Set for July 13
> From The Washington Post (6/9/09)
> Senate Sets Sotomayor Hearing Date
> By Garance Franke-Ruta
> The Senate Judiciary Committee has set a date for the start of nomination 
> hearings on
> Judge Sonia Sotomayor to be associate justice of the Supreme Court: July 
> 13.
> "In selecting this date I am trying to be fair to all concerned," said
> Judiciary Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) in a statement...
> "There is no reason to unduly delay consideration of this well-qualified
> nominee," Leahy said. "Indeed, given the attacks on her character,
> there are compelling reasons to proceed even ahead of this schedule. She
> deserves the earliest opportunity to respond to those attacks."
>>>> For the Full Article go to
> http://jfactivist.typepad.com/jfactivist/2009/06/sotomayor-hearing-set-for-july-13.html
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> Organize For Olmstead: 10 Years and Waiting!
> Justice delayed is justice denied! Ten years is
> long enough to wait for a civil rights decision to be implemented! Health 
> care
> reform must include provisions that allow disabled people and seniors to 
> obtain
> the services and supports they need to live at home with dignity! Stop 
> forcing
> people to live in costly nursing homes and institutions! Now is the time 
> to
> act!
> What: Organize for Olmstead
> When: Around June 22nd.  The 10th Anniversary of the Olmstead Decision
> How:
> * Call or visit your legislators or HHS Offices
> * Deliver a signed copy of the AAPD
> petition 
> [http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102606307634&s=2826&e=001c9X73pxSy68mxGUfbcIrhf4_t5Ze_Nlkc5N40KZ89wvZmC5tKC2tB2QiInyWNiNv8VlbpKL3rseyawZFTPfmTMGARL1FIhci2nFb61-8fBLdrea-SJdmNlSeyI0Hn1RfvoSfsNRXB1A=]with 
> "Olmstead Cookies"
> * Get a group of people to go visit a
> nursing home
> * Pass out flyers at a grocery store or shopping mall
> * Have a rally or press conference
> Please email Jessica Lehman at disabilitymovement at gmail.com to
> tell us what you'd like to do and what kind of materials or other help you 
> need.
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> Also New to the JFActivist Blog
> Senator Kennedy Explains Health Care Reform
> Excerpt from the Boston Globe (May 28, 2009):
> Health bill would fix what's broken
> By
> Edward M. Kennedy
>>>> For More go to
> http://jfactivist.typepad.com/jfactivist/2009/06/senator-kennedy-explains-health-care-reform.html
> Nationwide Program for Independence Announced by HHS
> Press Release (6/4/09):
> HHS and VA to Develop a Nationwide Program to Help Older Americans and
> Veterans with Disabilities Remain Independent in the Community
> Grants Will Continue Collaboration with
> VA to Support America's Veterans
>>>> For More go to
> http://jfactivist.typepad.com/jfactivist/2009/06/nationwide-program-for-independence-announced-by-hhs.html
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