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thanks very much. there are still days when it occurs to me that for
many in society almost anything would be acceptable other than
Still, I expect we're going to win in the long run.
This helps.

On 6/24/09, David Andrews <dandrews at visi.com> wrote:
> There were several incidents in the 1980's where people were
> arrested, people were removed from planes, planes were held up
> etc.  Then basically, with the passage of the Air Carrier Access Act,
> in 1986 or 88 I think, we lost any legal defense we might have
> had.  The airlines were able to put into this law that anyone sitting
> in an exit row had to be able to do certain things visually.
> So, we have lost that battle, but the war isn't over yet.  I think we
> were to early in our protests -- that is society just wasn't far
> enough along in its thinking at the time where they could understand
> and accept what we were saying.
> The one thing we did accomplish, which benefits all airline
> passengers is that we forced airlines to look at their practices
> concerning exit row seating, and give it more attention.  Way back
> then people who shouldn't have sat there were allowed to do so,
> people who sat there were allowed to get inebriated etc.
> Dave
> At 04:17 PM 6/23/2009, you wrote:
>>Good Morning from the Western Pacific,
>>I'm getting ready to present some opening remarks at a technology
>>conference here, and wonder if I could have some help; specifically,
>>I'd like to move beyond myth, legend and hearsay and learn the truth
>>about what happened when the NFB protested against having canes taken
>>away on airlines. By the way, I'm pretty old, and never had a problem
>>with my cane on a plane but since lots of people did, and the NFB
>>dealt with it, I'd like to know some specific things. For one thing,
>>I've heard or read or just intuited, that people blocked planes from
>>take-off somewhere. I was working it into my talk when I realized that
>>I didn't really know if this happened. Having been aided, corrected
>>and advised many times on this list, I hope someone will help me learn
>>the reality of the situation.
>>Thanks very much.
>>kathy millhoff - "Let each morn be better than its eve, and each
>>morrow richer than its yesterday."
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morrow richer than its yesterday."

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