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Wm. Ritchhart william.ritchhart at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 29 13:44:56 UTC 2009

I have used Tax Act from First Story, Inc. for several years.  It works
very well with JAWS.  However this year they added a captia with no
non-visual work around.  After spending hours over weeks, I had to
acquire a sighted friend to enter the captia code.  

I really like the product other than it's new quirk.  I found it from
the IRS web site and it is free, unless you efile.   

THANKS, William

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Hi all -- sorry for the cross post, but it's tax time and I am wondering
there is an accessible program for calculating and submitting taxes
I am trying to avoid hiring someone to do my taxes, as they are easy
that I can handle them, but since I lost my print vision I have been
them to someone else to do.  I want to take over my own taxes again, but

have not as yet tried anything like quicken or turbo tax.
I have my checkbook in a MoneyTalks file, which can be exported to a qip

file, whatever that is -- I assume it has something to do with quicken, 

Anyone out there doing their own taxes? I really would like to get a
on it.

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