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>What are the requirements that the instructor of this course should 
>have?  I mean, should they have any particular degree or anyhing?
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>>>Hi there, Korey!
>>>We (the VI Consortium faculty and the program itself) are DESPERATE
>>>for a qualified Braille Reading & Writing instructor to either teach
>>>this course this summer or to at least supervise an independent
>>>study.  This course has been slated to run during the spring
>>>semesters, but has had to be canceled twice (spring 2008 and spring
>>>2009) for lack of an instructor.  I wonder if I might trouble you to
>>>flip through your extensive rolodex and maybe give me a lead or
>>>two?  This course is designed to be taught via distance ed.
>>>technolgy/video conferencing, so the instructor doesn't even have to
>>>be local.  It's now coming down to student's licenses being in
>>>jeopardy if they don't get this last class in and I'm just at my wit's end.
>>>I've attached the syllabus here for your reference.  Please let me
>>>know if you have any questions.  Also, please feel free to forward
>>>this to anyone else you think might be able to offer assistance.  I
>>>would be extremely grateful for your help.
>>>Thanks so much!!!
>>>Emily M. Gibson
>>>Special Education Outreach (SPED Cohort) Program Enrollments &
>>>Severe Disabilities and Visual Impairments Consortia Program Support
>>>TaskStream Administrator for the Special Education Program
>>>Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities
>>>George Mason University
>>>4400 University Drive, MS: 1F2
>>>Fairfax, VA
>>>(703) 993-3670 (x40170)
>>>(703) 993-3681 fax
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