[nfb-talk] Back to Basics Seminar from Detroit Now Online

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hi tina how are you??
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> Those of you who are looking for ideas on how to build your chapter and/or 
> strengthen your affiliate may be interested to know that this year's Back 
> to Basics Seminar, given in Detroit,  is now online. You can download any 
> or all of the files and listen to them on your computer or on your 
> favorite mp3 player. To listen to the seminar, go to
> http://www.nfb.org/nfb/Back_To_Basics_2009.asp?SnID=1190495818
> Thanks to Peter Donahue for recording the seminar and making it available 
> to members across the country. I hope all of you will come away with some 
> good ideas on how to strengthen your chapter and/or affiliate. Thanks.
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