[nfb-talk] NFB Centers and Rock Climbing

d m gina dmgina at samobile.net
Thu Oct 15 21:10:52 UTC 2009

Trust me,
my husband Jim won't be climbing rocks.
He doesn't even like to take walks.
Unless he has a place to go.
Now I love to walk, just don't live in an area where walking is to safe 
with not many lights.
There are two main streets that need lights.
the cars go cruzing threw as if they couldn't get to the places they 
were to go unless they went as fast as they could.
I do get out and walk though.
Winter is a bit harder, so love to go to the mall and walk there.
Well of course spend money to giggle.
So my husband won't be doing rock climbing.

 every saint has a past
every sinner has a future

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