[nfb-talk] described video, a lost art???

qubit lauraeaves at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 17 00:37:03 UTC 2009

-- or at least, a lost product...

Ok, it seems like the only described videos I have gotten I have gotten from 
friends, or given to friends, and a few of them purchased myself.
But WGBH DVS, the company that used to distribute (sell) the WGBH produced 
described movies has disappeared and no one has any idea where their 
inventory has gone -- and asking among blind friends where else I might find 
such things yields no info -- no one knows where to get described video any 
more, except of course from AudioVision, whose number I have.  But they tend 
to do a lot of old TV dramas and not the new, big budget movies.

I confess I have downloaded movies from persons who have audio described 
soundtracks, but I would like to know that if movies are still being 
described, where can I get legitimate copies?  I was thinking that movies 
like "I Robot" were done so well that even though I have the soundtrack 
already, I'd like to buy the movie with the description just to support what 
I consider a good piece of work -- both the movie and the description.

Has audio description become so common that it is sold on DVD's sold to the 
general public?  Could I go to Block Buster and ask for a movie with an 
audio described soundtrack?  Or are described videos still only sold by 
specialty vendors?

Someone please chime in if you have viewed or purchased a movie lately. 
Also I know besides WGBH, there are other organizations, domestic and 
overseas, that do audio description. Where to I get video soundtracks from 


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