[nfb-talk] NFB Centers and Rock Climbing

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A bit off-post.  But George H. W. Bush first floated to earth via parachute
during World War II as a result of needing to rapidly separate himself from
a airplane that had lost it's ability to stay airborne.  

He took up sky diving in his 80's because he thought it would be nice to do
the parachute thing once by choice.  It turns out he apparently enjoyed it.
As he has now done it a few times.  

The really important thing about it is that like us, he is changing how
people think about their expectations for one group or another. 

Thanks, William
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Well, actually wasn't George Bush   Senior in the news not long ago as he 
had gone skydiving for his 85th birthday? He had been a fighter pilot during

WW2 and just did that every year (or maybe every decade, I don't know).

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Dar here,
I was turned down from the center in Colorado when the center started,
because one I have flat feet where my toes are straight.
I can't bend them so gripping into a rock isn't going to happen.
I won't share who said I shouldn't come.
the second reason was, at the time I lived in Denver with my husband,
I was told I had to stay in one of their apartments.
I felt if I was in an apartment doing my own cooking, I couldn't
understand why I needed to stay in their apartment.
I know the rehab center has apartments also for folks to stay out of state,
where if you live in the city you went back home instead of going to
their apartments.
Just some thoughts.
Wow I am pleased that folks of eighty rock climb.
Just not something I would wish to do at eighty.
I would love to speak with a diabetic who went threw the same training,
how they did with their dropps while climbing.
I am a diabetic so would be interested how they handled this.
Being in the cooler weather drops my sugars.
that would be another reason why I would be concerned climbing then
having this happen.
Yes I take swell care of myself.
So that isn't the problem,
it is a problem with all diabetics to watch what is happening with
their sugars traveling.
I don't travel much, nor do i rock climb.
I know when I travel I test often.
I also take and make adjustments when needed.
I know Mike Freeman can answer this,
don't know if he rocked climbed would love to know and how he handled
the problem.

 every saint has a past
every sinner has a future

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