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Lloyd Rasmussen lras at sprynet.com
Sun Sep 13 02:01:37 UTC 2009


We used to have a ham radio list on NFB Net.  I didn't ever subscribe.  

One currently active list is
  Blind-hams at listserv.icors.org
  You can probably send a "subscribe"  message there and get on it easily.
Conversation sometimes wanders far from ham radio, and people don't want to
change that aspect of the list.  But there's plenty of radio information and
chat as well.
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> Hi all --
> I am looking for a list for blind ham radio enthusiasts.  I was sure I saw
> a
> list on nfbnet.org for blind hams, but today at least there is none.
> I know a lot of blind hams are on this list and other lists I'm on. Is
> there
> a list out there that you can recommend specifically for blind hams?
> I am actually looking for someone to chat with about some software I can't
> get working.
> I know about handiham.org, but their mailing list is only for
> announcements,
> and well, it's the weekend...*smile*
> TIA and 73, KD0FFV
> --le

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