[nfb-talk] Check Out This Link On Rush Limbaugh talking aboutblind justice

John Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Thu Aug 12 19:03:31 UTC 2010

Your disappointment with Rush Limbaugh aside, what's wrong with what he 
said?I mean, specifically, where do you disagree with his comments? Because 
I don't think you can disagree with him without trampling on several sacred 
cows of the conservative point of view.

Are you in favor of the Justice Department telling Amazon how to run their 
business? If you don't like it that Case-Western University is giving out 
kindles, go somewhere else. Go to UCLA or the University of Wisconsin. Or go 
to Case-Western and opt out of the kindle program. Where is it written that 
government is responsible for making sure that everything is fair? I don't 
remember seeing that in the Constitution.  If the kindle isn't accessible, 
why don't you invent your own kindle-like device that is accessible. Amazon 
didn't exist 15 years ago. They built that business up from nothing. If 
accessibility is so important, why don't you get out there and build your 
own Amazon that is 100% accessible and put Amazon out of business? 
Otherwise, stop holding everybody else back just so you can make it in this 
world. Or are you one of those guys who thinks everybody has to win? You 
think that if Little Johnny comes in 87th he should get a pat on the back, 
told he did a good job, and get handed an 87th place medal he can have 
framed and put above the fireplace?

Boy, I'd better be careful here. Next thing I know you'll change your mind 
and side with Limbaugh after all.

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>I believe that everybody on this list knows of my political affiliation 
>with the conservative side.  Let me say something about this Limbaugh 
>piece.  I find it extremely offensive.  I have never felt so betrayed by 
>someone who was supposedly one of my own!!!  It's quite clear to me that 
>there are many issues which this brings up; but, I will touch on only one 
>of them here.  Sadly, it is the case that many political conservatives and 
>Republican party mouth pieces will not understand our point of view.  Note 
>that I did not say do not understand; rather, I said "will not understand"; 
>big difference.  I first began to see the sad truth of this back in 2005 
>when the secretary of education, Spelling, wanted to cut out individual 
>rehab services offices.  I dare say we all remember what happened in 
>consequence of that.  Joanne wilson resigned her position and became a 
>private citizen.  I believe that was when the light really went off in my 
>head about the truth of what was really go
> ing on.  Small wonder that we are in the situation we are in.  The trouble 
> with political conservatives is this.  Many of them say words that they 
> know that the true conservatives want to hear, and, maybe some of them 
> even believe those words.  The trouble is this.  They are saying those 
> words for the sake of political expediency.  Now, on the other hand, my 
> personal life experience has taught me that it just doesn't work that way. 
> When people like Rush Limbaugh make statements such as he made in this 
> piece, he only serves to hurt both the blindness cause, and also, the 
> conservative cause also.  I want to say something else for the record. 
> There was a time when I did used to listen to him; but, over the course of 
> the past five years or so, I ceased to listen to hymn; especially after 
> Hurricane Katrina.  I felt that he was no longer what he once had been, 
> and, I felt that he had lost focus.  Frankly, as a blind conservative, I 
> find myself very much offended by what Limbaugh
>  says here because what we have is a fundamental lack of the will to 
> understand our point of view.  To put it bluntly, he's going for 
> sensationalism and not much if anything else.  Be that as it may, words 
> mean things.  The way people use words also means things.  I cannot help 
> but wonder how this effects other blind conservatives; but, that subject 
> matter, I forbear to enter.  Doubtless, blind people on the other side of 
> the isle, (so to speak) are wondering why, in the face of Limbaugh's 
> tirade, we can still feel as we do.  I will not discuss this except to say 
> that we who are blind conservatives do not need Limbaugh to tell us what 
> to think.  I feel as I do and think as I do and have done so long before I 
> ever heard Limbaugh for the first time.  Sadly, this recent event more 
> than confirms something I have long thought.  But, that is a subject which 
> does not directly touch the blindness factors, and so, I will leave it to 
> another group or time.
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