[nfb-talk] Check Out This Link On Rush Limbaughtalking aboutblind justice

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If we could go after the "Blindness" movie I think that was the name of it 
we should go after Limbaugh as this does more real damage based on the size 
of the audiences.
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aboutblind justice

> What I found rather odd about it was that the commentary on kindle and the
> nfb didn't seem to be related to the issue of the Black Panthers and the
> Justice Department.  I know about both issues but don't see the
> relationship.  And, significantly, he never explains it.  He never says, 
> "so
> you see that a justice department that excludes book reader tests would
> obviously be against white people."
> So, my conclusion is that he's reaching and counting on the fact that he 
> has
> an audience not particularly familiar with logic or straight line 
> thinking.
> So, the question is, do we make some political hay out of this which is 
> what
> he wants?  Or, do we ignore him as being not on track.
> My view is that we go after him because in a media fight we can probably
> win.
> But....
> What do you all think?
> Mike
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> I interpreted his diatribe as calling Obama's people bigoted morons, not
> NFB.
> Mike Freeman
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> On Aug 12, 2010, at 12:23, Ray Foret Jr <rforetjr at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Oh no I won't.  I was offended that he called us a bunch of "bigoted
> morons".  I was offended that he, and too many of his kind, do not seem to
> want to understand the NFB position on this matter.  I could ask why you
> decide now to be so ugly about this; but, I will refrain.
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>> On Aug 12, 2010, at 2:03 PM, John Heim wrote:
>>> Your disappointment with Rush Limbaugh aside, what's wrong with what he
> said?I mean, specifically, where do you disagree with his comments? 
> Because
> I don't think you can disagree with him without trampling on several 
> sacred
> cows of the conservative point of view.
>>> Are you in favor of the Justice Department telling Amazon how to run
> their business? If you don't like it that Case-Western University is 
> giving
> out kindles, go somewhere else. Go to UCLA or the University of Wisconsin.
> Or go to Case-Western and opt out of the kindle program. Where is it 
> written
> that government is responsible for making sure that everything is fair? I
> don't remember seeing that in the Constitution.  If the kindle isn't
> accessible, why don't you invent your own kindle-like device that is
> accessible. Amazon didn't exist 15 years ago. They built that business up
> from nothing. If accessibility is so important, why don't you get out 
> there
> and build your own Amazon that is 100% accessible and put Amazon out of
> business? Otherwise, stop holding everybody else back just so you can make
> it in this world. Or are you one of those guys who thinks everybody has to
> win? You think that if Little Johnny comes in 87th he should get a pat on
> the back, told he did a good job,
>>  and get handed an 87th place medal he can have framed and put above the
> fireplace?
>>> Boy, I'd better be careful here. Next thing I know you'll change your
> mind and side with Limbaugh after all.
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> aboutblind justice
>>>> I believe that everybody on this list knows of my political affiliation
> with the conservative side.  Let me say something about this Limbaugh 
> piece.
> I find it extremely offensive.  I have never felt so betrayed by someone 
> who
> was supposedly one of my own!!!  It's quite clear to me that there are 
> many
> issues which this brings up; but, I will touch on only one of them here.
> Sadly, it is the case that many political conservatives and Republican 
> party
> mouth pieces will not understand our point of view.  Note that I did not 
> say
> do not understand; rather, I said "will not understand"; big difference. 
> I
> first began to see the sad truth of this back in 2005 when the secretary 
> of
> education, Spelling, wanted to cut out individual rehab services offices. 
> I
> dare say we all remember what happened in consequence of that.  Joanne
> wilson resigned her position and became a private citizen.  I believe that
> was when the light really went off in my head about the truth of what was
> really
>> go
>>>> ing on.  Small wonder that we are in the situation we are in.  The
> trouble with political conservatives is this.  Many of them say words that
> they know that the true conservatives want to hear, and, maybe some of 
> them
> even believe those words.  The trouble is this.  They are saying those 
> words
> for the sake of political expediency.  Now, on the other hand, my personal
> life experience has taught me that it just doesn't work that way. When
> people like Rush Limbaugh make statements such as he made in this piece, 
> he
> only serves to hurt both the blindness cause, and also, the conservative
> cause also.  I want to say something else for the record. There was a time
> when I did used to listen to him; but, over the course of the past five
> years or so, I ceased to listen to hymn; especially after Hurricane 
> Katrina.
> I felt that he was no longer what he once had been, and, I felt that he 
> had
> lost focus.  Frankly, as a blind conservative, I find myself very much
> offended by what Limbaugh
>>>> says here because what we have is a fundamental lack of the will to
> understand our point of view.  To put it bluntly, he's going for
> sensationalism and not much if anything else.  Be that as it may, words 
> mean
> things.  The way people use words also means things.  I cannot help but
> wonder how this effects other blind conservatives; but, that subject 
> matter,
> I forbear to enter.  Doubtless, blind people on the other side of the 
> isle,
> (so to speak) are wondering why, in the face of Limbaugh's tirade, we can
> still feel as we do.  I will not discuss this except to say that we who 
> are
> blind conservatives do not need Limbaugh to tell us what to think.  I feel
> as I do and think as I do and have done so long before I ever heard 
> Limbaugh
> for the first time.  Sadly, this recent event more than confirms something 
> I
> have long thought.  But, that is a subject which does not directly touch 
> the
> blindness factors, and so, I will leave it to another group or time.
>>>> Sincerely,
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