[nfb-talk] Check Out This Link On Rush Limbaughtalking aboutblind justice

T. Joseph Carter carter.tjoseph at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 21:35:01 UTC 2010

Put simply, Mr. Limbaugh assumed that we have access to print books 
and that the Kindle was an optional thing.  (He said the latter 
outright.)  He doesn't know that we have had problems with required 
classes because those classes use electronic components that are not 
accessible.  He assumes things are hunky-dory and that we're rocking 
the boat.  You'd think he'd have taken the time to know that wasn't 
true, since he's using it as an example of the DOJ wasting its time.  
Bad on him, I say.

Then we have the question of it as an example.  I say it's an example 
of the DOJ wasting its time because that's the only thing that makes 
sense.  Yes, Mr. Limbaugh, the DOJ has made it quite clear that they 
are not concerned about racially-motivated voter intimidation, as 
long as the intimidator is not white.  Yes, that makes them (not us) 
bigots.  However, that does not make the DOJ's action wrong in this 
instance, since the law requires that the universities do what they 
were not doing.

No, I believe the man is wrong in this instance.  He has been before, 
and will be again.  Because I doubt he has enough humility to ever 
admit to being so, I do not see it as worth our while to try and 
correct his reasoning.  (I define "our" here in both th sense of the 
NFB and "our" being blind conservatives who think he was being an 
idiot here...)

I don't think I've got much more to say on the subject.


On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 07:21:02PM -0500, Dewey Bradley wrote:
>Even though he has a point about the Black panthers, I don't see what 
>it would have anything to do with the NFB.
>He is so full of him self that all that money he makes from his show, 
>he still will charge you to listen to it on line, The guy can't even 
>keep a marriage, how many times has he been married, 7 times I think.
>So he has no room to go on a tirade on anyone.
>besides the fact that he doesn't even have his facts correct on this.

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