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Another point of common ground with the Oregon ACB.  Oregon Rep. 
Gelser drove a ruthless campaign against near universal opposition to 
shut down the Oregon School for the Blind and worry about what to do 
with the students sometime after the valuable property of the school 
had been ordered sold off.

She knew it wouldn't save money, and admitted it.  She knew Oregon's 
education infrastructure was unsuited to educate these students, and 
admitted it.  She knew the property would be worth more when the real 
estate market settled, and admitted that too.

But this self-styled "disability rights advocate" fought hard to 
serve her special interests to the detriment of blind kids in Oregon 
who are, predictably, performing poorly back in their home districts 
because of inadequate educational services and budget constraints.

Please read Kae's email and express your outrage at the President 
nominating such a person to this important position.



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Representative Sarah Gelser from Corvallis has been nominated to be a 
member of the National Council on Disabilities by President Obama.  We 
strongly urge you to notify the White House of your opposition to her 
appointment. Sarah Gelser spearheaded and wrote the bill which 
ultimately was passed and signed into law that closed the Oregon 
School for the blind.  The following is a note from Kathy OMally 
providing particulars as to how you can bombard the White House if you 
feel as many of us do!

I have written, and encourage everyone to do the same!

Kae Seth

I need your help!

It has been interesting to see the lack of attention and knowledge 
over the past two weeks trying to get some information from the White 
House in regards to the recent nomination of Rep. Sara Gelser to the 
National Council on Disability.   I have not had success in finding 
out when the vote will go to the Senate, but I think we need to flood 
the White House with our comments via e-mail over the next several 
days regarding Obama's choice.

Please....take a few minutes and post your comments:

     .  Go to www.whitehouse.gov;

     .  Select  'Contact Us'  at the top right corner;

     .  Complete required info and type in your message.

     .  Hit   'Submit'

...and then forward this to your family members and friends to do!!

This will only take a few minutes to complete.  Your message can be 
short...just stress the fact that you are outraged that Oregon's House 
Rep. Sara Gelser would be nominated to the National Council on 
Disability since she is the individual responsible for the bill that 
closed Oregon School for the Blind -- after serving our blind 
community in their educational needs after 137 years.   (Feel free to 
add any of your comments!!)

Those of you with access via FAX, you may also send your 
comments/letters to:  (202)456-2461.

I was told the comments are 'grouped' by topic at the end of each 
business day and presented to the executive staff, so let's storm 
their system with something other than topics relating to health care, 
economy or the war!

Kathy O'Malley

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