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Yeah I agree -- when I called Dish a few months back about this same issue, 
I said the SAP and they said that stood for Spanish access program and they 
had never heard of audio description.  I had to explain that the SAP could 
carry spanish, but it also sometimes carried audio description for the 
blind.  She was surprised and basically just said "sorry, we don't handle 

Which brings me to another point: what if there is also a spanish 
translation program that the latino crowd want? And what if there are blind 
hispanics that want audio description?
Seems the SAP needs to have multiple channels to choose from.
Now that's something I doubt would happen, but it is possible.

If the audio description is available I think Dish should definitely carry 
it.  But someone should really check whether it is still being done for the 
programs you listen to.

Is there a volunteer to lead a little action group to pressure Dish and 
DirectTV and cable companies for that matter?


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I have gotten my TV service thru Dish Network for about a decade. The remote 
has a specific button for description, which brings in the Second Audio 
Program. I especially appreciated the descriptions on PBS programs like 
NOVA, but a few years ago I stopped getting it. When I phone Channel 2 
(WGBH) in Boston, the originator of Nova, they claim they send out the 
descriptions. when I phone Dish Network they say they do not receive it. I 
really depend on the description to make sense of the programming, and feel 
something should be done to get it on Dish Network. The technicians who 
answer the phone there do not seem to understand what is. Can we, the NFB, 
put some sort of pressure, citing the ADA, on Dish to get them to solve this 

I also used to get movies with DVS on Turner Classic Movies, but it has 
disappeared from there, too.

Thank you,
Ed Meskys
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