[nfb-talk] [Blindtlk] Suggestions for GPS

Margo and Arrow margo.downey at verizon.net
Fri Jan 15 00:10:24 UTC 2010

there's also Mobil Geo.

Margo and Arrow
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> You may be a week to late (smile.)  There is Wayfinder Access for the N82, 
> but it was announced a couple days ago that it is being discontinued -- no 
> further development.  Current owners will get support and data 
> connections, and there may still be some licenses out there.  There is 
> also lodestone GPS, which I think is limited but free.  Otherwise there is 
> the Sendero stuff for smartphones, braille note etc.  It is good but more 
> money.
> Dave
> At 01:45 PM 1/13/2010, Jim wrote:
>>Good morning!
>>I'd like to know if folks have good suggestions for what I can do 
>>a good, user-friendly GPS system for myself.
>>I don't have an actual note taker like a Pacmate or BrailleNote.  I have a
>>laptop and a Netbook computer.
>>Luckily, I also have a KNFB reader and full functioning Nokia n82 cell
>>I'm just finding it would help me to have something like this, especially
>>for new and unfamiliar areas.
>>What are folks using, and what would you recommend for me knowing the
>>equipment I currently have?
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