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John G. Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Mon Jan 25 19:37:07 UTC 2010

Well, loc dots are close to what I'm looking for but not quite it. The 
raised markers I'm looking for are bigger than loc dots and even more 
transparent. I got them originally from the Hadley School for the blind when 
I took their raised markers class.
In fact, last time I wanted to get some more of these things, I ended up 
asking the Hadley School for the Blind what they were. But that was years 
ago and I no longer have the information they sent me.

Its important that the raised markers I get be very unintrusive because I 
want to put them on a device in a very public place. If people can't read 
the label through the raised marker, I'll never be allowed to put them on in 
the first place.

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>I think he's looking for Loc Dots or similar, I haven't seen such a thing 
>at Target.  Loc Dots are ridiculously overpriced IMO, but if you want a 
>prepared product that is that easily visible, those are what you're looking 
> Presently my favorite cheap locator dot material is adhesive-backed foam 
> rubber.  It's opaque, but an 8.5x11 sheet of the stuff is pretty cheap and 
> you can punch goodly sized dots out of it using a hole punch.
> I've seen them sold pre-punched for a reasonable price, but half the cost 
> of a small sheet, I can have about four times as much if I punch them out 
> myself.
> Joseph
> On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 10:13:37AM -0800, Mary Willows wrote:
>>The office supply section at Target.
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>>>Anybody know where I can get some raised markers? I need some round, 
>>>flat, clear plastic raised markers suitable  for putting on the buttons 
>>>of a microwave oven that is for use by a group. My department has a 
>>>microwave oven and I'd like to put some raised markers on the instrament 
>>>There is a brand name of raised markers called "bump dots". This is not 
>>>what I need. Those are too rounded on the top. The raised markers I'm 
>>>talking about are very flat and very easy to see through.
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