[nfb-talk] [john at johnheim.com: unethical personal attacks]

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Fri May 28 01:26:25 UTC 2010

I second that
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>I do not take kindly to threats.  I take less kindly to them from 
> useless trolls looking to cause problems on NFB lists.  David can 
> remove me from the list if he must, but it's about time someone stood 
> up to your whining little anti-NFB rants cluttering up our mailing 
> list.  For my part you need to either learn what the NFB's position 
> on issues actually is, or stop claiming that you know what it is.
> This is something you have established over the course of several 
> YEARS now that you are unwilling or unable to do.  Not once have I 
> ever seen you accept another's view differing from your own as even 
> valid, much less correct.  That means your messages take the form of 
> anti-Federationist rants and whining about how YOU are so abused by 
> the rest of us.
> Take it somewhere else, I say.  We are sick of it here.
> With no more respect than you have earned from me,
> Joseph
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> Subject: unethical personal attacks
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> TIC,
> Would you please stop the personal attacks directed toward me on the 
> nfb-talk list? It is highly unethical for you to keep attacking me 
> while at the same time absolutely refusing to listen to my defense. 
> I'd prefer you'd stop attacking me but if you feel you must, you 
> should at least have the courtesy to listen to my defense.  If you 
> don't either stop attacking me or take me out of your mail filter, I'm 
> going to have to ask the moderator to intervene.
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