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Michael D. Barber michael.nfbi at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 14:04:18 UTC 2010

Hi Mike:  Rich Kelly's home phone number is (712) 852-3073.  His new email
address is rpkelly at iowatelecom.net. 
>From what I know about this software, it should meet your needs nicely.

Michael Barber

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The package was Accomplish Cash Manager.  The member who has used this
product and has worked with the company is Richard Kelly at

Email: rpkelly at mchsi.com

His web site is 


I'm not sure if this is powerful enough for what you need, but it is billed
as Business Accounting software.

Best regards,

Steve Jacobson

On Thu, 09 Sep 2010 16:25:18 -0500, Steve Jacobson wrote:


>At the 2009 NFB in Computer Science meeting there was a discussion of 
>an accounting package that I believe was
called Accomplish.  The company was 
>in New Zealand, but it was a commercial product that worked to build in 
>accessibility.  I don't know if it does what you
need done, but it was an accounting 
>package and not just a check writing tool.  I think I may have 
>information at home, or Curtis Chong may be able to get
you in contact with the specific 
>member in Iowa who has worked with this software.

>Best regards,


>On Thu, 9 Sep 2010 16:35:53 -0400, Michael Bullis wrote:

>>I need an accounting program that is fully accessible and can manage 
>>incomes from various sources and allocate expenses to programs and

>>Last time I had to manage several million dollars annually I had to 
>>rely on sighted assistance often.  I used Quicken Small Business but 
>>it's accessibility was limited.

>>Now I have the opportunity to start from scratch and do it the way I want.
>>Does anyone have advice on what program I should start with?  I'm 
>>considering microsoft Excel but will have to pretty much build it from 
>>the bottom up and would prefer something more pre-configured if possible.

>>Thanks in advance.

>>Mike Bullis


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