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Wed Feb 2 19:03:30 UTC 2011

I will send up some prayers that these things will be resolved soon.  Hang 
in there.
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> Thanks Lin, Ben, and everyone!
> I’m made of some pretty tough stuff, as most of you know probably better 
> than most.  If anyone can come out of this okay, it’d be me.
> I’m just annoyed because I had some pretty good job prospects, and they 
> would be completely incompatible with the probable daily radiation 
> schedule I’ll begin just as soon as they know exactly what portion(s) of 
> my anatomy they’d like to have glow in the dark.
> (No, you don’t actually get to glow in the dark.)
> While two of the three jobs I was looking at are likely to still have 
> openings in March or April, I’d really prefer not to have another delay 
> given that the greatest source of fatigue from radiation last time around 
> was that caused by idleness as was still recovering from surgery.
> It’s also true that I’m in pretty desperate shape financially right now. 
> I cancelled cable television months ago, and my phone will be next.  I don’t 
> even have a bus pass anymore.  I just haven’t been able to pay the rising 
> costs of EVERYTHING with all of this wonderful inflation our government 
> promises us we’re not actually having.  Now I’ll have to pay for the bus 
> pass and all sorts of other nickel and dime expenses associated with this. 
> I just don’t have it.  Even now the kitchen’s pretty bare and so are both 
> my bank account and Oregon Trail card.
> Ahh, the joys of trying to survive on government entitlements.  You don’t 
> EVEN want to get me started on that topic right now!
> Praying that I can find some contract work or something, because if I can’t, 
> I’m going to have expenses about $130 higher than my income for the next 
> two months, at least.  (Naturally, I’ve got no savings.)
> So I’ve got lots of worries, and the cancer is kind of the least of them 
> right this moment.
> Joseph
> On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 10:15:50AM -0800, linjaynes wrote:
>>Joseph: God bless you we will continue putting your health & well Being in 
>>our prayers. Yes chemo is no Sunday picnic, but I no you are strong & can 
>>get through whatever give's you the chance to survive.
>>So many care for you & want you to realize your full potential.
>>Please keep us all informed how your progressing, Remember you are a part 
>>of all of us , we are an NFB Family forever.
>> Lin Jaynes
>>Former OR/State Board Member
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>>>Wow!  That isn't good news.  But, hang in there.  We're all *with* ... 
>>>and behind, (to the extent that won't hurt of course, smile) you.  The 
>>>next few weeks may be tough, but always know that the Federationists are 
>>>confident you'll do well in this.  We are praying and pulling for you.
>>>Bennett Prows
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>>>Hey everyone,
>>>Three weeks ago I felt some pain in my leg, the opposite side from
>>>the tumor in my back/side.  A scan showed something very small, but
>>>definitely solid.  The doctor removed it and did a biopsy, given my
>>>history.  Preliminarily, it looked like another sarcoma, so they cut
>>>some margin tissue out as well.  It was so small that a week later,
>>>I've all but recovered from the surgery.
>>>I've waited to write to everyone until the pathology report came
>>>back, and it did tonight.  It was a sarcoma, and the margins are
>>>clear.  This will mean another round of radiation, and I suspect I'll
>>>be told Tuesday that chemotherapy is not considered optional this
>>>time around.
>>>The last time around, my whole life was put on hold for several
>>>months.  That was mostly because I was still recovering from surgery
>>>during the radiation.  I don't know how I'll react to chemotherapy,
>>>but I'm told that generally it isn't going to be pleasant.
>>>Metastasized soft tissue sarcomas have a statistically high mortality
>>>rate.  One study says 73% within six years.  They are considered to
>>>be stage 4, but people can and do survive them.  My lungs were clear
>>>in October; it's a good sign if they still are.  And though we cannot
>>>prove the negative, it is possible that this new tumor resulted
>>>either from metastasis of the original to this and only this
>>>location, or that it is what they call a second primary tumor.
>>>Either of those make the clear margins very important.
>>>We'll know more after Tuesday, hopefully.  I'm praying for the best,
>>>and would welcome prayers from others as well.
>>>Thanks everyone,
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