[nfb-talk] Of safety matters (off-topic?)

Darian Smith dsmithnfb at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 05:11:11 UTC 2011

  I would be most interested to hear from individuals who have had
not-so plesent expiriences with law   enforcement.
  By this I mean that you've been stopped by an officer who demands to
see identification, but refuses to properly identify themselves other
than to say that they are a police officer.
 I have had  an expirience with  an officer who said ssimply that they
are  with the police and would like to see my identification.  Being
blind, I  cannot identify this person visually, so with long white
cane  in hand, I asked for the officer to further identify themselves,
to show me some  sort of identification   confirming that they are who
they say they are.  The officer refused to do so, and      went on to
say that if I didn't give  them my ID, they would arrest me.
 I'm no legal expert, but I imagine they can't just arrest someone who
refuses to give them ID if there is  no effort on the officer's part
to further confirm in a reasonable manner.
 I  contacted the station  the next day and   was  patched through to
a supervisor, who confirmed that  there is nothing   legally  that
mandates an officer to do anything  but askyou for your ID. I assume
though, that this is only  applicable to uniformed police officers.

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