[nfb-talk] Accessible Calendar Program

Joe Orozco jsorozco at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 20:28:00 UTC 2011

There's a Google Calendar plug-in for Outlook.  It syncs up with Google
Calendar, so multiple people could use Outlook and synchronize with that one
account.  This way you can view appointments using Outlook or Google web
interface.  The program is called Google Calendar Sync.  You'll have to
Google it but should have no trouble finding it.  I'm just realizing how
many times I used "Google" in one message.  They're ruling the world!


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I'm looking for a multi-user accessible calendar program for a 
small office
of five people.  We will not be having an outlook server.

I'd like something that we could perhaps place the common repository on
dropbox or some other online location and then be able to look at one
anothers calendars when necessary.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mike Bullis




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