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Sat Oct 8 10:08:31 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone!
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Many of us are avid readers. Whether you buy from audible.com, an online retailer like AudioBookStand, or whether you're one of those who can't wait for that day each week when Bard, the digital download site from NLS comes out with its new list of available downloads, it's fair to say that all of us have some enjoyment from reading a good book or two.
But have you ever wondered what it is that makes the narrators you hear so good? How do they get selected? What makes them so amazing? Well tomorrow you just might learn a thing orr two about this process.
Join Jonathhan Matte tomorrow, Saturday October 8 2011, at 1 PM easttern as he gives you a glimpse into the production of NLS books. Jon will be interviewing Lou Gutierez, the man in charge of Benefit Media Inc out of New York City.
Lou is in charge of producing books that get sent to NLS for distribution to its readers. Find out about lou's backgrround, starting from his days with AFB (AMerican Foundation Of The Blind) to his current work producing books for NLS users. Learn what makes a good narrator, how they are selected, how the  books are produced, and more..
At the end, you'll have a chance to call in and leave comments and maybe ask a question of Jon about the information he's gained from this interview.
If you're interested in how these great NLlS books you've read are produced, then this is a must hear interview.
The program begins at 1 PM eastern, and can be heard on Audio Access  FM, Stretching The Boundaries Of Sound Entertainment. To listen at 1 PM eastern, visit
to select from a variety of listening options, or if you use Winamp, you can
1. Launch Winamp.
2. Hit Control L and type in
followed by the enter key
to tune in.
And, you can learn more about the station by visiting
Can't make tomorrow's presentation but still want to hear it? Let the program's producer, David Dunphy, know by emailing him at
djd at audioaccessfm.com
and if there's enough interest, we can air this presentation again and/or make it available as a download.
We're excited about bringing you this awesome up close and personal look about the production of your favorite NLS books, and we hope you'll be there for this exciting presentation.
>From Jonathan Matte, Host Of This Exciting Interview Special,
David Dunphy, Program Producer, Audio Access FM, Stretching The Boundaries Of Sound Entertainment

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