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Someone who is newly blind, needs to be oriented to the long, white cane.  They need to learn how to get around and up and down curbs and stairs and not have to grab onto walls.  They need to be exposed to braille and that there is training, for them to learn.  Show them some of the simple measuring devices and cooking tools.  Many have never seen a cane or ever heard of braille.  You are there to help them to overcome their fears of being blind.  Slowly expose them to new items.  You do not want to overwelm them.
Just a few thoughts from a low partial, who has been blind since almost birth.

Terry Powers

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I have been asked to help with some ideas for a class at our state rehab center for the blind.  The class is called Blindness 101.  I have encouraged them to emphasize acceptance of blindness, how to deal with public misconceptions, etc.  From what I understand, this is similar to the seminars at LCB.  If someone who works at one of our centers or has attended one (or for that matter, it doesn't have to be one of our centers but any training center that has a class like this and does it
well) can send me a course description and some ideas for the class I would appreciate it.  They have been doing things like "how to take your blood pressure and things like that but I am hoping they will take a different approach.  Thanks for your help.
Michael Freholm

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