[nfb-talk] NFB of Tennessee, Blind Drivers Challenge haulted

Sheri Anderson sheri.k.anderson at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 05:18:02 UTC 2011

Hello fellow Federationists,

Has anyone had any experience with Go-Cart tracks when blind folks are driving?

I have driven before at a particular track here in Murfreesboro
Tennessee, am totally blind and have had no trouble.  Tonight I was
removed from the track, and reminded that I didn’t have a driver’s
license.  The track superintendent went on to say that I couldn’t
drive on the street, so I couldn’t drive on his track.

He had just let my 11-year-old drive, my 14-year-old drive, and my
visually impaired friend who arrived on the track with a guide dog
drive. But I was escorted from the track and everyone with me was
asked to refund their tickets.

It seems that my arriving with a cane made me more blind than my
friend with a guide dog, and he let me know that my being “more blind”
than her meant he was not letting me drive.

When we confronted him about the discrimination of it, how she was
blind as well, how I would have assistance in the car, and how I had
driven before, he removed us from the track and said we could get a
refund on our tickets.

As the President of our local Chapter, I have never experienced such
blatant discrimination in this area and have never, in my 37 years of
living been told I was more blind than someone else legally blind. He
even told my friend that she was okay to drive because she seemed like
she could see. Ugg!

Does anyone have any experience in this area or am I barking up the
wrong tree?  I guess it wouldn’t be such a big deal if it were a
consistent decision. We were told no manager was on the premises and
that we had no choice but to get our tickets refunded. My children
were watching, and have been present when I drove before. It made me
angry to be so blatantly discriminated against in front of my
children, when they know blind people drove on the Daytona Speedway.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Sheri Anderson, Driver’s licenseless
President, Stones River Chapter
Secretary, NFB of Tennessee

Sheri Anderson
(615) 556-9961

“This cause of ours is a sacred trust. It is worthy of all that we
have or can ever hope to be and we shall not fail… Clear in our
mission, sure in our purpose, and firm in our unity.” - Kenneth

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