[nfb-talk] Join The Naational Association Of Blind Students For A Conference Call About Voc Rehab

David Dunphy djdrocks4ever at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 20:36:04 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone!
The National Association Of Blind Students would like to invite you to
listen to our live conference call at 7 PM eastern concerning voc
rehab. Details on the conference call are listed below:

 What Vocational Rehabilitation Can do for You

 Are you concerned about how you are going to pay for college?

 Do you have no idea how to get the technology you need to succeed?

 Are you confused about what Vocational Rehabilitation is and how it
 applies to you?

 Join us on October 23rd at 7 PM EST for a question and answer session
 about how Vocational Rehabilitation can help you reach your
 educational and employment
 goals. Dr. Edward Bell, (director of the Professional Development and
 Research Institute on Blindness at Louisiana Tech), will join us to
 explain the purpose
 of Voc Rehab and empower you to advocate for your needs.

 To make this seminar a success, we need you!

To call in to the conference, pick up the phone and dial
and enter in access code

This call will also be streamed live on the online radio station that
stretches the boundaries of sound entertainment, Audio Access FM!
For more information about Nabs, visit them on the web at

To listen to tonight's call, which will be streamed live, tune in to
the station that stretches the boundaries of Sound Entertainment Audio
Access FM
at 7 PM  eastern. The link to tune in is at
If you can't hear tonight's call, but would like to be able to catch
it at a later date, the Nabslink Audio site will be up in the next day
or two, and you'll be able to tune in there. The site to the Nabslink
audio site is at
Whether you have blind children or are blind, there's surely something
anyone can get from this presentation tonight, so tune in and learn a
thing or two along the way.
As a result of this, Theater Of The Mind will be postponed untill
tomorrow night, October 24 at 8 PM eastern, and The Djd Invasion will
make its return after being away for a few weeks on October 31.
>From David

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