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I'm afraid we don't have enough information here. For example, what is the
bill number and the bill name? All that was in the email was "a bill" which
would allow funding to continue for public transportation. One thing I have
learned in my advocacy efforts with Congress and with our state legislature
is the more specific you are in your advocacy, the more seriously they will
take your purpose. In other words, if you don't even know the exact name of
the bill or its bill number, they're not going to take you seriously. That's
one of the first things they told us at the NFB's Leadership and Advocacy in
Washington (LAW) Program. So, if you can provide us with some more specific
information on this bill and how exactly funding for public transportation
is in jeopardy, I would be more than willing to write my Congressman as well
as to circulate this email, as I think it is a very important issue for
blind people if it is in fact true. I'm not saying that you're not telling
the truth or that you don't know what you're talking about, as you only
forwarded the email to us. I'm not trying to "shoot the messenger!" I just
think we need a little more information before we go ahead with our advocacy
efforts, especially contacting Congress.

Also, once you have gotten this information, I would notify our national
office about this, as I think this would be an issue the Federation as a
whole, or at least our national leaders, should know about and that the
Federation should advocate for if this bill and petition is a valid one. For
this issue, I would contact the governmental affairs team at our national
office, mainly John Par'e and/or Jesse Hartle. John is the executive
director for strategic initiatives for the NFB, and Jesse is a government
program specialist. John's email address is jpare at nfb.org, and Jesse's is
jhartle at nfb.org.


Chris Nusbaum

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Subject: [Blindtlk] FW: [nfbwatlk] {Disarmed} defend public transit

Attention students, workers, and everybody who uses public transportation:

Below is a very important FYI for you. Please read carefully and pass it
along to other networks and people.  Thank you. Message follows: 

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This is from www.defendpublictransit.com 

Don't Let Funding End for Public Transportation! Contact Your Elected

Contact Your Elected Official 

Tell Congress: "Act now to preserve Public Transportation funding!" 

Public transportation funding is in jeopardy and we need you to take action.
Write your members of Congress today and tell them: 
"Don't let funding end for public transportation!" 

Without Congressional action in the next two months, funding for public
transportation will lapse. In fact, federal funding for all surface
transportation will lapse unless the House and the Senate can agree on a
funding level. Without action, funding will end. 
This could lead to massive cutbacks of service and result in an
unprecedented nightmare for commuters across the nation. 

We need you to write your members and ask them to pass a bill funding public
transportation immediately. 
Take action today, spread the word and keep up the pressure! 
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