[nfb-talk] The NFB Cane, verses Ambutech

Joshua Lester jlester8462 at students.pccua.edu
Sun Aug 5 02:50:28 UTC 2012

I bought a straight cane, and a folding cane, at this year's convention.
I used the straight cane, all during convention, but when I was
walking back from Denny's the tip came off.
When I got home, I used the NFB folding cane, one time!
Afterwards, I couldn't get the folding cane to completely unfold!
Now, I've received a nice, 64 inch folding cane from Ambutech.
It's more durable, and my friend has had her cane, for over 10 years,
(a folding cane,) andd it hasn't given her any trouble.
I know most of you like the lighter canes, but for me, durability is
the main thing.
Ambutech is the way to go, if you want the NFB's cane length, and
Rehab's durability.
This company gives you the best of both worlds, and I'm happy with my cane.
Blessings, Joshua

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