[nfb-talk] conklin center question: immediate response is fully requested and fully needed

Mr. Alexander Scott Kaiser alexander.kaiser at myacc.net
Sun Aug 26 05:12:58 UTC 2012

Attention Fellow Federationists:
Hi my name is Mr. Alexander Scott Kaiser. Has anyone completed the adult program at the Conklin Center for the blind or do you know of anyone who has graduated from the Conklin Center for the Blind?   If so I would like to know what to expect and if the program is as successful as the conklin center staff members say it is or if they are providing bogus reports just so they can hold national accreditation and receive continuous state funding from the Florida Division of Blind Services year after year. Do you know of anyone of whom who has graduated from the Conklin Center for the Blind adult program  who says that the Conklin Center for the Blind prepared them for lifetime success? Has anyone complained to the Florida division of Blind Services about how basic the training at the Conklin Center is and of whom made the statements to the FDBS? Is the program at the conklin center for the Blind able to teach at as high enough intensity as the CCB, lcb and blind Incorporated? Does the conklin Center for the Blind focus too much on adjustment to blindness, and what does the conklin center require for educating and rehabilitating its clients? Are any of the courses at conklin taught by blind or Visually Impaired mentors? Is the program at the Conklin center teaching proper skills for advancement in life? Do they prohibit college attendence? Do I need to have corespondence through Hadley School for the Blind in order to learn the nemeth Code, the Unified english braille code, the braille music code, the shorthand notetaking braille code, complex orientation and mobility skills and advanced skills in personal management and home management while attending the Conklin Center for the Blind? 
I nneed to know as immediately as possible because I am attending a 2 week evaluation at their facility and I need to know if the program provides adequate training in the alternative skills of blindness so I can provide supporting defense for my letter to my DBS councelor. Am I   better off going to the Colorado Center for the Blind after the evaluation at the conklin center for the Blind is over? My evaluation start date at the Conklin Center for the Blind is set for september 4, 2012. An immediate response is greatly appreciated. If you know anyone who has attended the conklin center for the Blind's program in it's whole entirety . please have them contact me. I can be contacted off list regarding this matter. My off list contact information is below:

Email address: alexander.kaiser at myacc.net

homephone number: 1 9 5 4 8 0 0 7 0 6 9

cellphone number: 1 9 5 4 5 9 4 2 7 1 0.

I am graciously seeking your feedback. Please write back as immediately as possible. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Mr. Alexander Scott Kaiser

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