[nfb-talk] a very successful protest in Baltimore

Chris Nusbaum dotkid.nusbaum at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 20:47:59 UTC 2012

Hi fellow Federationists,


I am very happy to report, as John Pare did on the NFB of Maryland list,
that we had a very successful protest at the Goodwill store in downtown
Baltimore, Maryland. I was very happy to be a part of this protest. We
handed out many flyers and got the attension of many people who saw us as
they were passing the Goodwill store, and even convinced some people not to
shop at the Goodwill when they heard about that company's policy of paying
workers with disabilities subminimum wages. Although nobody who worked at
the store actually came out and talked to us, they most definitely saw us
and were looking at us and our signs. I didn't personally see or get to talk
to anybody from the local Baltimore media, although I did see a reporter
from an online publication called Working in These Times and heard most of
the interview he conducted with our public relations director and our
Greater Baltimore chapter President Chris Danielsen. We have a lot of
pictures and updates from our protest which were posted on the NFB Facebook
page for anybody who is interested; in fact, my profile picture on Facebook
is a picture of me holding my sign and marching in the protest. All in all,
it was both a fun and a successful protest, and to top it off, Dr. Maurer
and some of the national center staff took us all out to dinner at the Green
Turtle (a bar/restaurant chain exclusive to Maryland) across the street from
the protest cite afterwards! A good time was had by all!


I would be very interested to hear reports of other protests conducted by
other chapters in Maryland and our other affiliates around the country. Did
you get the public's attension? Did you convince some people not to shop at
the Goodwill store at which you were protesting? Did you receive any media


I look forward to hearing your reports!


Chris Nusbaum

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